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Physical Activity and Supplements Found to Increase HDL Cholesterol Levels

Much of what we hear and read in the media these days about lowering LDL or bad cholesterol levels is sadly misleading.

Today I?m going to share with you some very powerful information which can have a dramatic positive effect on your health.

One of the best things about these proven strategies is that you will easily feel the results immediately. And as these strategies are natural, they are also inexpensive.

Because the fact is, raising your HDL or good cholesterol level has been proven to be much more beneficial.

The Framingham Heart study is THE standard from which proven data has been verified. -1

Because this Study which used a large population and tracked people over 40 years, proved that lowering LDL cholesterol levels had no effect on heart disease for people who have high levels of HDL cholesterol.

Unlike experimental drugs which could have many side effects, safe, proven and natural ways to raise your HDL cholesterol offer all of the benefits without the unwanted side effects.

Naturally, the more you hear about this proven strategy, the more you will feel compelled to implement it.

Why you might ask? Let me show you ?

Here are five safe, proven and natural ways to increase your HDL cholesterol level:

1 - Increasing your physical activity ? Scientific studies have proven that physical activity raises your HDL and lowers your LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Your fitness program should include resistance training in addition to walking and running.-1

2 - Niacin ? Important to the production of fats in the human body, Niacin changes LDL and triglycerides in a positive way. Niacin also increases HDL cholesterol. The best natural sources of Niacin are nuts and dried beans. Great meat sources include liver, poultry and Fish.

3 - Vitamin D ? A fat soluble vitamin which also affects cholesterol so your body can better use them. Natural sources of Vitamin D are milk, eggs, tuna, fish oils and yes, sunlight.

4 - Eating a low carbohydrate diet ? High in protein and the right fats this diet will help lower your blood cholesterol. Dietary and blood cholesterol are two different things so don?t get them confused. This diet will also help balance HDL and lower LDL cholesterol which reduces your chance of developing heart disease and obesity.

5 - Drink more ? Drinking alcohol in moderate amounts has been shown to increase your HDL cholesterol levels. -2

As you can see and hear, physical activity And supplements will do your body a world of good, without the unwanted side effects of drugs.

Many of you have tried several strategies which may have had only limited effects And perhaps came with unintended side effects.

These safe, proven and natural remedies go straight the root cause of problems to help eliminate what ails your body.

Understand that when you act on this proven advice, you will be one of the few who actually take control of their own health and feel the benefits.

Dedicate, don?t medicate

While it may seem easier to pop drugs with dangerous side effects, the short and long term consequences are huge.

Dedicate yourself to a healthier way of life, the long term positive consequences are absolutely powerful.

1 - Dr. Al Sears, ?Ignore the Hype, focus on cholesterol that matters?. Health Alert 164, Health Confidential for Men, April 6,2004

2 - Castiglioni A and Neuman WR. "HDL Cholesterol:What Is Its True Clinical Significance?" Emergency Medicine, January 2003:pp 30-42.

2004 © by Lee Cummings

Please feel free to use this article in your newsletter or on your website (with resource box included and use an active link).

This article may not be used in any e-mail promotions that do not conform with federal law.

The Vitamin D Cure

The Vitamin D
Revolution:How the
Power of This
Amazing Vitamin
Can Change
Your Life

Encyclopedia of
The Essential
Guide for
Improving Your
Health Naturally

The Antioxidant
Put Lipoic Acid,
Pycnogenol, and
Vitamins E and C to
Work for You

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