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Сколько денег (в рублях) ежемесячно Вы тратите на свое здоровье?
Всего ответов: 462
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High Quality Natural Supplements

We have searched the world to assemble the life changing products found on this site. Our goal is to provide you and your family a way to achieve optimal health by providing essential nutrients and minerals that are necessary for the body.

We live in a world polluted with chemicals of all kinds. We consume processed food that has very little nutritional value. The average person drinks more soft drinks than water, and ingests almost a half a pund of sugar a day. We are left with no alternative-we must supplement our diets with the vitamins and minerals that are lacking in our food. No drug can compensate for a nutrient.

Thank you for making the right choice to try these exciting products. As you begin to enjoy the wonderful feeling of vitality and well being that true health brings. Thank you for helping us make a difference...one body at a time.

B Vitamins are nature's "feel-good" nutrients, promoting energy, stamina, mental clarity and improved mood. Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid tablets are designed to dissolve under the tongue to speed B Vitamins directly to the bloodstream where they go to work - without the need for expensive, often painful, B-12 injections.

Unlike caffeine and other artificial stimulants, B vitamins don't give you that artificial jolt of energy, followed by an inevitable letdown. Your body uses B vitamins the way nature intended - to give you sustained stamina and mental clarity throughout the day, every day.

Vegetarians or individuals consuming a primarily plant-based diet may be at higher risk of Vitamin B12 deficiency since its best sources are animal products. In short, all the critical roles that Vitamin B12 plays in your body, combined with its difficult absorption and availability primarily from animal products compels a careful review of your diet to determine whether you are getting adequate levels.

The Vitamin D Cure

The Vitamin D
Revolution:How the
Power of This
Amazing Vitamin
Can Change
Your Life

Encyclopedia of
The Essential
Guide for
Improving Your
Health Naturally

The Antioxidant
Put Lipoic Acid,
Pycnogenol, and
Vitamins E and C to
Work for You

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